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May 2, 2002 / gus3

If I go any slower, I’ll be stopped

This has been a terribly slow week for me.

I can count my notable accomplishments on two fingers: another column for
and taking cans for recycling. I even tried watching the movie Hair and
gave up about twenty minutes in. I don’t know if it was because it’s so dated,
or simply a disappointment after all the hype I’ve been exposed to in the
twenty-some years that it’s been out.

But, we had some excitement at home tonight. A line of thunderstorms came
through, producing twisters about 80 miles from here, and lightning about 80
yards from here. I’m looking forward to investigating the strike site in daylight.
While the storm was here doing its thing, I decided to start reading
Frankenstein. I didn’t realize I had it here until I dug for some reading
material during the storm. It’ll probably last me a couple weeks or so, since I
save my non-computer reading for bedtime. I’ve done that for so long, if I do any
pleasure reading longer than a newspaper article, I get sleepy, no matter what
time of day or night.


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