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May 4, 2002 / gus3

Paschal update

Yeah, still not much going on, but here’s the latest in my life.

  • Tomorrow there is a job fair in Marion. I’ll take about five copies of
    my resume, just in case.
  • Tomorrow night is Pascha. I don’t know if I can go yet, since my
    insurance expires at one minute after midnight, just as we’re going back into
    the church after the Proclamation.
  • My column for
    was originally going to be published on Monday, but because of a connection
    problem, she posted it Friday instead. We’ll see how weekend traffic views it. So
    far, no major flamewar. That’s why I chose such an innocuous topic.
  • As I type this, I’m downloading the
    Slackware installation CD image.
    I had to "borrow" a bootable Mandrake 7.2 CD to recover my
    system, after an update apparently clobbered the boot kernel. I didn’t realize
    this (I thought I had taken steps to prevent that from happening) and when I
    shut down the other night during the storm, I wasn’t able to re-boot from the
    hard drive. As you can
    , I was able to get the system back up and running, but not without a
    couple headaches first.
  • Finally, I decided today that it was time to ditch the long hair.  I didn’t just
    cut it short; I buzzed it down to the texture that a horse’s summer coat has.
    It’s just barely long enough to grasp between my thumb and forefinger. Two
    years and three months had passed since my hair was last cut, and that was
    just a trim-up for a job interview. Suddenly, I don’t have to worry about
    yanking my neck when I sit down, or getting the hair caught in the car window
    as I roll it up, or any other problem associated with long hair. And I just step
    out of the shower, wipe my scalp twice with the towel, and it’s dry.

Like I said, not a lot of news.


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