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August 3, 2004 / gus3

Live from Linux World Expo!

I already have 15 pounds of swag, and I’ve been here only two hours. My feet are killing me, and I haven’t had this much fun since BayCon. I’ve taken only one picture… but who needs photos when you have swag?

I did get to meet the inventor of Project Looking Glass. A very humble fellow, with the kind of humility that’s good to see in project leadership.

Cell phone is turned off. I’m glad for that.

Warrants as events update.


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  1. John Simmons / Aug 16 2004 10:55 pm

    I was there as well – a nice show.
    Lots of new hardware running Linux, including new thin clients of all types, and Project Looking Glass was indeed everywhere. Bootable Java Desktop CDs given away (won’t mount on my Vaio *sigh*). Everyone with a booth seemed to have a very expensive giant LCD monitor for demos. slightly higher on the t-shirt index than the last two years, but not like the glory days of 4-5 years ago.

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