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September 8, 2004 / gus3

Random Thoughts

I try to have something coherent to say when I post. I don’t always succeed. This is one of those times when I have just some shallow thoughts that I still want to put on the ‘net.

On database testing: If your test uses stored procedures, it helps if you have them in place before launching your test. It took me only six hours to figure this out.

On reducing the RSS of a running program: Don’t link the DLL until you actually need it. If you don’t call any of its routines, don’t load it into memory. The GNU project‘s glibc (the standard code library for Linux) needs to do this, after breaking apart the various related functions into separate libraries. An earthquake simulator has no need for pattern-matching code; why load it along with the code to print your results?

Actually, I think I’ll post the code for this in the next entry.

On speed limits: The laws of physics trump the laws of man. If everyone else is going 70mph, there’s no way I’m going to insist on driving at 55mph.

On staying up late to write a weblog entry: It’s a bad idea. I suggest you not do it. You may get a bunch of unrelated things all running together, without rhyme or reason.


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