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October 24, 2004 / gus3

Yeah, I’ve Slowed Down Here

I’ve been really busy at work. Between that and getting my new (old) laptop working, I’ve been a busy puppy. Since a lot has been going on in the world, I’ll just throw out a few comments here.

On the election: The Jon Stewart video from CNN’s Crossfire is most revealing. He exposes the talking heads for what they are: divisive operatives on par with Communism’s agents provocateurs. Once the nation is stratified, the Democrats point to the "disadvantaged" and scream about disenfranchisement, oppression, and the mean Republicans. And again, I point out: the mainstream press has the gall to ask why their ratings and reputations are going down the toilet.

On the Swift Vets: Over 250 of John Kerry’s comrades-in-arms question everything about him, from his stated accounts of his time in Viet Nam, to his current fitness to be the President. Even his Boston Brahman accent is a fake; he was born and raised in the corn belt. If we are spared a Kerry presidency, the nation will owe a debt of gratitude to these men.

On the incumbent President: I don’t like his domestic policies. So, on that point, he has no advantage over the challenger. On the other hand, the challenger’s stated positions on foreign policies have so far demonstrated very little vision, and even less true commitment to leadership. Bush/Cheney ’04.

OK, enough about politics. Listening to Drudge right now has raised the level of politics in my system to nearly toxic levels.

On my life at the moment: Tasha got me to admit that, in a nutshell, I’m not really happy with my life right now. It’s up to me to do something about it. I can change the situation, or re-define the requirements. The latter is easier; the former, more permanent.

On faith: It’s time to either put up or shut up. Am I Orthodox, or some half-arsed kinda Orthodox thing that can’t give up being so Westernized? I made the choice almost 14 years ago, and now the account is due: I’ll be Orthodox, or die trying.

Well, we’ll all die trying. That’s the point.

On weblogs: After RatherGate, and now with even more undeclared weapons, weblogs are gaining more and more crediibility (although not always justified). In Soviet Russia, samizdat (the underground press) published the truth about world events, unfiltered by the state’s censors. The mainstream press all over the world now has its own version of samizdat, thanks to the unfettered exchange of information made possible by the Internet (a US invention, by the way).

On sleep: I could really use some right now.


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