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October 28, 2004 / gus3

More Random Thoughts

This will be one of those free-flowing entries. I’ll type just whatever passes through my mind.

I went to a church service this evening. The sun was already down, and the church was a sanctuary of light in a world of darkness. It’s one thing to be in church on Sunday morning, when the sun is shining in and everyone is freshly awake. It’s something totally different, when the light is coming from inside the church, and the normal workday is finished.

Google is good for so many things. I’ve searched for Oracle answers, looked up old friends (and even an old girlfriend), and even just typed in semi-random characters, just to see what would come up. I just now sent an email to someone who might be my high school gym teacher, thanks to Google.

And speaking of Google, I might take a look at the Google Aptitude Test in this month’s Linux Journal. It has some powerful questions that I wouldn’t mind answering. (If I take the challenge, I’ll post the answers here.)

Another challenge I gave myself today, was to design a logic circuit which would simulate a single cell’s next state for Conway’s Game of Life. Basically, the circuit has 9 inputs (the main cell, plus the 8 neighbors) and 1 output. Having just read the linked article, I realize that the rules are much more subtle than I originally envisioned. But the original rule set shouldn’t be difficult to design.

Sometimes, my brain just works too much. Why else would I want to design a "Conway’s Game of Life" co-processor card?

Okay, my stream of consciousness is starting to dwindle. Pretty soon, it’ll be a trickle.


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