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February 27, 2005 / gus3

Yeah, I’ve Been Quiet

Part of my silence is due to being very busy at work. (Yes, I’ve been known to post from the office.) And part of my silence is due to recent events in the "blogosphere," namely the news that blogs have made recently.

I’ll say it again: I’m all for Free Speech, and the more Free Speech there is in the world, the better. I have no problem with Markos Zuniga spouting at the Daily Kos, even if I am diametrically opposed to everything he says. I’m more of a Lizardroid myself, although I’m not registered as such. The latter has it in for the former, and the feeling is mutual with the former as well. In theocracies and the like, one of them would be in prison for disagreeing with the official line.

But I like being unique. I like being me. And lately, most of what I would say has to do with blogging. No, thanks. I’m not into talking about blogging. I’m into doing it.

(I’m also into doing new blog designs on occasion. That particular itch is starting to demand a scratch.)


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