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March 17, 2005 / gus3

Ranting Catch-Up

I’ve been to busy lately for a good rant. Today the pressure let up a bit, as I got another cluster up and running. So, without further ado, I present some serious carping.

Dan Rather—All I can say about him is "good riddance."

Solaris documentation—Horribly lacking in so many ways. I’ve already covered it, but it’s worth a few more comments. Come on, guys, can’t you document actual processes, not just "this is what should happen"? You assume everything will be peachy-keen, but in my experience you’re batting only about 0.004. I don’t know how many times I had to re-boot in the past week, either to apply a configuration change, or to get control back on runaway machines.

Michael Schiavo—I can’t use the words in my mind to describe him, without violating the TypePad Terms of Service. Let’s just say that anyone who wants a brain-damaged woman dead at any cost, through the most torturous means possible (starvation), has no business walking the streets as a free man.

Freaky weather—The buzzards have been in Ohio for the past month. Mt. Fuji’s peak is exposed for the first time in human history. Chinese glaciers are melted and run off. Washington is ready to declare a water emergency.

California drivers—The laws of physics still apply, even if you’re in a BMW. Too bad so many BMW drivers don’t understand this. There seems to be some correlation between owning a BMW in California, and thinking you own the road as well. Maybe it’s to cover up an inferiority complex. (Note: I am specifically limiting this to California, where image is everything. BMW drivers in other states need not worry.)

Home DepotBoycott! Well, OK, not that I do much shopping for home renovation. But if I ever need hardware, I’ll make a point of going to Lowe’s or Ace or somewhere that isn’t Home Depot.

Linux—It’s becoming a memory hog. My laptop can’t run the 2.6 kernel and without lots of swapping.

AOL—Backing down on the AIM ToS was the smart thing to do. Smarter still would have been to leave well enough alone. I was happy not to use anything AOL, and I’m even happier now.


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