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November 18, 2005 / gus3

Why Fashion and Techies Don’t Mix

Melanie Moss has declared what we already knew: Geeks prefer comfort over style.

Then again, Melanie Moss has no sense of a geek’s life:

Ms Moss believes money should be no object when it comes to dressing well.

Oh, excuse me, we aren’t all multi-millionaire fashion mavens. We prefer to make our millions in ways other than appealing to personal vanity.

Help-desk staff were named as the worst offenders, followed by those working in technology start-ups, many of whom had continued to wear T-shirts to work as a consequence of the casual web culture of the ’90s.

That’s because T-shirts and jeans are durable. We don’t care if they get torn while we’re replacing network cards in PC’s. (Of course, if she wants to buy my wardrobe in exchange for fixing her PC, I won’t argue. Until then, why should I care what she thinks of my clothes?)

T-shirts and jeans are also comfortable. After dealing with Ms Moss’s high-maintenance attitude all day, a high-maintenance wardrobe is the last thing we need.


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