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April 24, 2006 / gus3

Sawfish is Back!

The incredible Sawfish (né Sawmill) window manager is back, after almost three years of neglect. John Harper has incorporated some of the fixes sent his way, so that librep and rep-gtk work better with newer versions of Gnome.

Note: The “official” SourceForge releases of librep, rep-gtk, and Sawfish are not updated. The current code is in the Gnome CVS. Here are the steps I did for a successful build on Fedora Core 4:

mkdir sawfish-build ; cd sawfish-build
cvs co login
cvs -z3 co librep
cvs -z3 co rep-gtk
cvs -z3 co sawfish

And then, in each of the new directories, in alphabetical order:

./ --prefix=/usr
make all check
su # and provide password at the prompt
make install && ldconfig

It is not a perfect build process. All three packages complained loudly about mixing signed and unsigned integer types. Still, I got no show-stopping errors, so I started using it. It has crashed only once, running a bit of rep-gtk test code from Bugzilla. I’d say that’s “good enough” for my purposes.

I knew I’d want to keep all my Sawfish themes and configuration files. I’ve been stuck with Metacity for the past two years, and it feels pretty good to right-click a window title bar and send it to the bottom of the window stack.


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