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May 13, 2006 / gus3

NSA: Fine By Me

Has the mainstream press given up trying to make hay out of the NSA domestic spying wiretapping call records database? More importantly, have they actually bothered to look up any pertinent case law or actual legislation?

I won’t be one of their sheep. I already know what the Constitution says.

First point: Congress has the power to approve or reject dealing with foreign entities (Art. 1, Sect. 10). This authorizes them to investigate international phone records of United States corporations.

Second point: The President, as Commander in Chief, is empowered to make decisions regarding the implementation and execution of our border policies (Art. II, Sect. 2). When a phone call crosses the national border, it automatically enters the jurisdiction of the Executive Branch.

Third point: The NSA is specifically charged with monitoring foreign communication and defending the domestic communication infrastructure. The telephone companies and any Internet-capable transmission (cable TV, satellite, wireless) are required under CALEA to grant a communications interception for any authorized request.

The real problem seems to be who is leading the defense of our nation. The liberals in the USA didn’t seem to have a problem when a Democrat-majority Congress passed CALEA and a Democrat president signed it. But let a Republican administration and a Republican-majority Congress use CALEA, and all hell breaks loose in the doom-and-gloom press.

Fourth point: Whoever revealed this terrorist-tracking activity should be charged with high treason. If loose lips sink ships, then someone just torpedoed part of our national defense.


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