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May 27, 2006 / gus3

You Never Forget Your First Love

One down, two to go: I am going back to Slackware Linux. The laptop is running it now. I’ll install the server system next, and then use it as a temporary holding ground for files from my desktop system while I convert it over. (Update 4:54pm EDT: I’m skipping the server system for now. I need a floppy drive for network-based installs, and it has none.) I’ll also be able to use the server system itself for hosting the installation files via NFS.

Using Gentoo Linux was fun; it showed that building an entire system’s software from source is possible. It also showed just how much CPU power and Internet speed are needed to do this.

Fedora Linux may be popular, but its managers are not focused enough on security before release.

What’s more, the Slackware installer can get you a totally usable system, with KDE, from one 650MB CD. That’s right, one CD. If you need international texts for KDE, the packages are available on a second CD, or you can download individual language packs from a Slackware mirror.


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