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July 20, 2006 / gus3

It Gives Me Pause

From the as-seen-on-TV dept.:

As U.S. citizens are fleeing Lebanon (as the realities of terrorist war hits them), many are telling their stories for the TV crews, before they even get out of the airport.

One particular reunion in Cleveland appeared to me as not very joyful. The girls came down the escalator, as their parents stood at the bottom. The mother had no tears, showed no joy at the relief that her daughters were home alive, and merely walked up to the girls as they stepped off.

Something about the whole scene just wasn’t right. The camera operator had no trouble following the mother as she walked up to the girls. Was the mother performing for the camera? Or was it more like disappointment that the girls had to leave their friends and family, in order to avoid exposing their support for Nasrallah?

Go read Debbie Schlussel for more info. The next time something like this gives you pause, you’ll understand why.


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