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December 12, 2006 / gus3


A lot has happened since the last posting. For starters, I moved into my own apartment. About bloody time! Well, I’m "mostly" moved. Most of my stuff came from storage at my parents’ place. Every time I think of a list of things to pick up, I end up forgetting something. Two days ago, it was my work shoes. Yesterday, it was the wastebaskets. I wonder what I’ll forget today?

As for movements in the world, I’m noticing more and more that the limits of tolerance have been reached with regards to Islam. A couple weeks ago, the six obnoxious imams in Minnesota got kicked off a flight, and further investigation has turned up some nasty terror ties. (Notice that the link goes to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, not exactly the most conservative newspaper.) That’s just the most recent prominent example; others are occurring more and more often.

Even in Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad isn’t safe from criticism from his own. Who’da thunkit?


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