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January 18, 2007 / gus3

Buster McNutt Isn’t Nutts

A "humor" column by Automotive Report’s Buster McNutt actually touches on a deadly serious matter:

Call me old fashioned. But where does all this need-to-drive but don’t need-to-know-how-to-drive madness end? The ability to parallel park falls way toward the bottom on the rocket-science to eating-dirt intelligence scale. My generation learned how to do it on vehicles not even equipped with power steering!

That’s right. People need to have an intimate understanding of how their vehicles behave: where the wheels are, how the turning radius changes with the steering wheel, what kind of braking response they can expect.

But what can we actually expect to see on the road today? People in their SUV’s following at less than a half-second distance, people yakking on their cell phones (or worse, dialing), people who think their anti-lock brakes will save their sorry butts from a wreck…

In short, people who think the laws of man and physics don’t apply to them.

(H/T: Cox & Forkum)


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