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April 8, 2008 / gus3

I’m A Liss Packer!

Actually, it’s “Lisp hacker,” thanks to funky English phonetics. And I’m not really a hacker in Lisp, but more of a script kiddie (def. 2).

My parents recently got two replacement computers, Mom on her desktop and Dad for his Solitaire machine. Both are running Linux with the GNOME desktop. However, Mom’s system is Fedora 8, while Dad’s is Slackware 12.0. They both like to play the Klondike version of Solitaire, but the rules weren’t to their liking. Specifically, they wanted one-card deals and no limits on re-deals.

The Solitaire rules for AisleRiot are stored as Scheme files in the directory $SHARE/share/gnome-games/aisleriot/games/klondike.scm. Well, Scheme is a dialect of Lisp, and I have a couple books on Lisp…

Their games now work as desired, but the fixes were different between the two machines. Having a modicum of exposure to Lisp made it a lot easier.


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  1. I Am, Therefore I Think / Feb 7 2010 1:42 am

    My First Lisp Program

    No longer a mere Lisp script kiddie, I’ve written a Lisp program from scratch, and gotten it to work properly. And I think I’m a better programmer for it, even if only marginally. I haven’t had to be this flexible…

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