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November 10, 2008 / gus3

Baby Steps

This most sincere forum post makes me proud to be a hacker:

Recently one thread is published in, it congratulated one Chinese student of Xi An post and telecom university succeed to submit one patch to the late kernel. This patch corrected one bug of return value in the late kernel.

The thread became the hot in some forums in China. Many replies encourage this student

to keep it on and expect him to win more achievement.

But there is a few of replies complain it’s no worth celebration, They complained this student only patch one very small bug.

I think everyone who try patching any bug for the kernel is worth celebration. The kernel is one community-driven project. Because more and more fans take part in the kernel project, and contribute lots of  patches to the kernel. This make the kernel more and more successful than some commercial productions.

We shall encourage any person, especially for the student, to patch the kernel, even if this patch is only to correct the spelling mistake.

Those kicker should stop complaint and begin to study the kernel and try to contribute the patch.


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