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June 12, 2010 / gus3

Abby Sunderland Did Not Fail

Abby Sunderland wanted to sail around the world, solo and unassisted. She succeeded in sailing halfway around the world, making one stop for repairs before bad weather disabled her sailboat. It is a lesser success, but it is by no means a failure.

As for the nay-sayers who decry her youthful ambitions, I have two things to say to them:

  1. Abby's father is correct to point out that, three generations ago, sixteen-year-olds were learning self-sufficiency. We are doing today's youth a tremendous disservice when we try to protect them from life's natural adversities.
  2. I challenge the nay-sayers to sail solo from California to South Africa. Until they can do that much, they have no moral standing to criticize Abby Sunderland's achievement. If anything, her critics are simply petty and jealous of her strength and vision.

Congratulations, Abby. Those of us who honor achievement, honor you.


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