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July 10, 2010 / gus3

Cleveland Lost the Wrong Guy

LeBron James is packing his bags for Miami. And it’s no wonder, when Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert responded with all the maturity of a third-grader, calling LeBron “narcissistic” and “cowardly.”

If Gilbert were correct, we never would have heard a peep about “the coward LeBron James” and his free agency. King James would have simply knuckled under to Gilbert’s wishes, and re-upped with the Cavs. And “narcissism” is hardly an accusation; it’s more like a qualification for playing with the NBA.

Dan Gilbert took severe issue with the public manner in which LeBron James made his announcement, with lots of hype in the three days leading up. I did, too, until I learned that James had made a deal with ESPN to donate the advertising revenue to Boys and Girls Clubs of America. That amounted to a few million dollars, thanks to LeBron James’ un-timidity.

Best of luck, LeBron, and never mind the naysayers. I hope Miami treats you better than Dan Gilbert did.

Update 2010-07-13: It looks like I have some NBA big cheese agreeing with me. Commissioner David Stern fined Dan Gilbert US$100,000 for his immaturity.

And it’s rare that I agree with Jesse Jackson, but he’s at least partly right on this one: LeBron James honored his contract. That’s more than one can say about Dan Gilbert at the moment.


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